Monday, January 5, 2009

Ring Out Wild Bells!

Ring in the new...year, with new cousins and countdowns, and raisin-like bodies after hours of swimming feats in chilly weather. It seems, with all that life throws at us, that seeing relatives every few years still strengthens family ties a-plenty, but we adults sometimes forget that some were not born, or too little to remember past reunions. The Hall cousins had a wonderful time partying and playing this past weekend.

Some pictures (pre-official family photo since my lame-o battery died right then):

Noah and Sus appreciate that Russ can keep flawless time with Gracee in the bouncy seat and Schuyler in his lap.

Eh? What d'ya say?

Little Red Millie Hood, on our way to dinner at Stokers

Jarom and Joey

A posed action shot: Steven, Susie, Abbie and Sam

Aunt Susie (in Vanuatu-like garb?), with Gracee as the bear and Alethea w/ sleepy Jesse Dean

Ethan and Aubrey (in the photographer's shadow)

Millie, Joey, little Slade, and Sam

Noah and Abbie

So long, Farewell --we'll see you Arizonians soon.

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