Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An apple a day...

It's a super idea...but it doesn't cover everything.

I've got one of those amazing sore throats today. My head weighs an extra 23 pounds, and that lurking sleepy self that I've mentioned before, is threatening a take-over. Whenever I feel ill, I wonder at how I can go along, without real comprehension of the many miraculous things a body does, without my taking any note.

And I know that Jed "would rather go jump off a cliff" (or some other of his many sayings that indicate the abhorance of the idea) than to drink TheraFlu, but "it does a body good."

No decisions of any real importance can be made today due to the fuzzy head. (I think I might have been feeling this way the day Star cajoled me into getting pigs. I still wonder how that happened) So... listen up, I fear taking any phone calls today. Please leave a message (I know that will be a real change).


The Despot said...

it has to be related to the task. for example, in this case:

- i'd rather drink hot urine than theraflu.
- i'd rather drink a glass of vomit.
- i'd rather drink from the gutter.

you're on your way, though.

Stefanie said...

OOOOoh --yucky.

Jayne said...

I often kiss that man...I'm starting to feel sick too.

So sorry you're sick-o Stef. Can I help you?

Terry said...

Sorry you feel crummy! I recommend you try Airborne! Yummy! Do you need any help? I can cook! Love you!

The Despot said...


jaynie, that was 10 years ago.

Greg said...

Except for the sore throat, I have to say, you're describing my personal homeostasis. I am not, however opposed to drinking Theraflu--although I prefer Airborne and Excedrin. And I've never found a single one of the suggested remedies on Jed's list to work at all. While he may be lousy as a quack, I have found him capable of prescribing tunes that can do anything you want them to: fight mood battles, carry you away to distant memories, put you in a trance, or help you wallow in delicious self pity. Whatever you want.

If the fuzzy head makes the day a bad one for decisions of importance, what constitutes a good day? I think Nan would like to try creating one of those days for me.